Day 346, Year 2: Elle Beauty Sale


Kristen and I had an awesome day at the Hearst Tower. I got many useful pieces, some surprises, and a few big wins. Kristen, however, took the show. She got the Alice and Olivia $395.00 present purse, filled with seven Alice and Olivia Nails Inc. nail polishes ($140.00) for $7.00!! She also grabbed a 24k gold hand massager, valued at $200.00.

I spent $90.00, and after Googling everything, my loot totalled $3,452.00!

With regard to my loot:

* Most interesting: Artis makeup brush cleaning pad, $50.00.
* Biggest surprise: Oribe Cote D’Azur perfume, $85.00.
* Most useful: Kate Somerville Self Tanning Facial pads, 2 at $48.00 each.
* Most embarrassing to admit I love it: Pottymints, $5.00.
* Most extravagant: Guerlain Gold Eyetech, $130.00.
* Prettiest treat: StriVectin Night Time Retinol Treatment, handpainted in a New York skyline, $110.00, but really not priceable, given the artwork.
* What I’ve always wanted: Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush, $53.00.
*Highest ticket item: Skyler Brand Ventures Erasa XEP-30, $160.00.
* Lowest ticket item: Lime twist Carmex, $2.00.

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