Day 106, Year 3: Amelia Island, with a local


After The ANA today, I took a venture into town to experience Amelia Island like a local. I caught sunset, saw the oldest saloon in FL, bought earrings, and got hungry. My cab driver suggested I eat at a seafood restaurant, but I had a weird pull as I passed Ciao Bella, so I went in. And I’m glad I did!!

As I was ordering the house chianti, I heard, “Shannon!?” To my shock and amazement, my friend Ashley was right there, eating dinner with her friend Anne!! Ashley and I worked together at iX, and she moved to FL with her 5-star chef husband about 6 months ago! It could have not been any more serendipitous and FUN!!

Upon my return to the hotel, I hung out with Shareablee and my Subway friends at Casino Night. What a great day!!

And last but not least, I heard all about what to expect at CES this year during the morning session.

Let me know what you think...

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