Day 252, Year 3: My 37th Birthday!

It was an epic day. I wore a birthday emoji tee through Chelsea and had Google lunch on 10th Ave. Thank you, Kris (tee!) and Stefan (lunch!)

Following, Mom and I hit the Helmut Lang sample sale. While I didn’t purchase, we had a blast hanging out. After dropping her at the train, I cruised 5 blocks uptown to Jill Stuart showroom, where I certainly did buy some amazing purchases!! 

My friend came by for a moment with flowers. Then I headed East to Beauty and Essex with Kris and Stefan. Kindra, Roxy, and Shamim met us, and my friends spoiled me and gave me big love. Even Lisa, a stranger who loved my shoes, bought me prosecco! I wore Jimmy Choo beauties, pictured on Beyoncé and Anne Hathaway on the red carpet.

James and Emelia couldn’t make it, but they sent a bottle of pink Moët bubbles to the table!!

By far MY BEST NYC BIRTHDAY to date!

I felt truly loved. Thank you, Everybody, for your wishes, messages, and thoughts!! I’m very lucky!

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