Day 332, Year 3: Applied, packed, appreciated 

I learned yesterday that my landlord is letting me leave on Aug. 1, rather than Aug. 31! It’s a risky move, but I signed the terms and got serious. I need an address ASAP, and I am hoping luck (and NYC) is on my side.

After being blown away by a beautiful home yesterday, I walked over to Madison Square Park today and dropped off my application in a shiny gold envelope, complete with a bio, photo, and letter of passion. I’ve done everything I can do. Now, I can only hope that the wind blows in the right direction. To be proactive, I’m viewing two places tomorrow, which are likely nice choices.

While my future address is unknown, the need to pack (and pack quickly!) is no surprise. I packed up about 8 small-medium boxes to store at my mom’s. I packed about the same of my things that will make the move. I donated 4 bags and built out another batch to take tomorrow. I carried a wine fridge to my sister’s.

And in the packing madness, I found a note that my Grandma Wilma wrote me for one of my birthdays. She wrote that she hopes my dreams come true… Perhaps a sign I’ll get my dream apartment? 

Amidst the intense manual labor, I enjoyed reading about my patriotism in a clipping from 1990. I’m actually impressed with my vocabulary and thought process. Sure, it’s a tad dramatic (some things never change), but it’s great for a sixth grader.

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