Day 333, Year 3: Packing, gifting, deciding

After going to bed at 3 am (packing, not partying), I woke up at 11 and hit Cafe Grumpy with Kris, on our way to Lowe’s. $110 later, I had a dozen boxes, 3 wardrobe boxes, 4 spools of wrap, and 2 rolls of tape coming home with me in a cab. Kris and I packed a ton today. Wow. 

My free box did quite well on the sidewalk. Two college kids wanted my trunk for school. When I approached them in passing, they said they were calling friends to see if somebody would help them carry it to Staten Island! I MacGyver’ed a large carrier with my Lowe’s bags, and they were absolutely thrilled.
Around 5:00, I dropped 4 bags off at Housing Works and looked at a very impressive apartment in a high rise, and then I walked home through Times Square. 

Tomorrow is a fairly substantial day. I’m starting my first day at Thrillist!! And, I’ll likely sign for one of the two apartments. Exciting changes are approaching!

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