Day 348, Year 3: The big move

We got lucky with parking today, and Oz Moving parked a huge truck right in front of each door. A big thanks to the NYPD, who helped make it happen on W. 30th St.! It made things go very smoothly and saved me hundreds of dollars.

There were no casualties, and nothing went missing. Thank goodness because I rolled the dice and skipped on purchasing extra insurance. 

Sadly though, my dresser is about two inches too long, so I can’t full close my bedroom door. Oy. I’m either gonna live with it, or try to sell it and buy a different piece in the Hayworth set. But immediately, it’s gonna have to stay.

Mom and I had help setting up a couple of shelves, and I’m seriously thrilled about my kitchen situation. Next up will be the bedroom and bathroom. My island and couch is coming in the morning.

For dinner, he took us to THE COOLEST restaurant, just around the corner. I loved it, and I’m pretty excited to have so many great places close by.

A big thanks, again to the NYPD, Oz Moving, my amazing mom, my strong friend, my accommodating doorman, and to 403 W. 21st St… for giving me my first NYC home, and for letting me out of my lease a month early. Can’t wait for this next phase in my NYC story. Between this and Thrillist, things are looking pretty great, even if I can’t fully close my bedroom door.

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