Year 4, Day 26: Alice + Olivia Fashion Show at NYFW

Today was beautiful. I met Stacey Bendet at her fashion show, at New York Fashion Week! She was gracious and beautiful, and she was wearing a one-of-a-kind “I’m With Her” skirt! My Hillary sweater is also a rare Alice + Olivia design. I’m SO HAPPY that I chose to wear it. This photo is wonderful. Also, my Hillary sweater sparked a conversation with Stacey’s parents. I met Olivia!! 

The Alice + Olivia presentation was unlike anything I’ve ever seen at Fashion Week. The show was not a runway show. It was a  whimsically curated room, where the models stood, posed in groups, for two hours. Some were in cages. Some stood on rose petals. One told fortunes! It was incredible. Kristen and I had such a blast. 

Every look was outrageous, and I could see myself in every piece. I’m especially excited to purchase a pair from her new sunglasses collection!

Overall, what an incredible event. A huge thank you for the invitation!

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