Year 4, Day 38: Fall shopping at the Maje sample sale

I couldn’t believe the jackpot today at the Maje sample sale. It was by far one of the best sales I’ve attended in NYC. The brand is hot. Maje is premium and definitely a label I’ve longed to have in my closet. Everything hanging was gorgeous, and everything was actually appealing to my style. There was a ton of inventory, and the prices were fantastic. And because pretty much everything was offered in a size 1 (1=small, not a size 1), I had my pick of the sale. Not only that, it was empty, so nobody was fighting me over the racks, and I could walk straight in to the community dressing room without waiting. Sales like these are fairly rare.

My three new sweaters all have sparkles and are so me. At 85% off, I didn’t bother picking just one. I definitely need a few Fall sweaters, and I certainly can’t go into Second Time Around and get a used designer sweater for this price.

Sparkly ready-to-wear proved to be a theme! The ripped sequins jeans are pretty special, especially at $35 (normally $470). The sparkled red leopard print scarf is super long, warm, lovely, and a steal at $21 (normally $235). The shiny bronze belt was also $21 (normally $125). The outerwear and bag are chic, classic, and highly useful. Each were 85% off and my stretch purchases. I’ll likely use them every single Fall day for years to come.

After the sale, I bought a duvet and pillows to cozy up my new apartment, met Kris for a seltzer, and hit the gym.

It was an awesome Sunday!

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