Year 4, Day 52: Pamella Roland and Moschino Couture at Garment District wholesaler sale

I had a very cool experience today hitting a Couture wholesaler sale in the Garment District. Sample sales slow during the hot summer months, but as soon as Fall hits, they’re on fire. It’s a wonderful time of year.

You normally have to be a Neiman Marcus to get in the door to a wholesale only shop, but today, the doors were open to everybody from 10-4, and their wholesale prices were deeply reduced. 

I hadn’t bothered showering and was in a yoga suit, and I found it hilarious that I was trying on $1,000+ Couture pieces in such a state. Only in NYC… 

Two hours later, I picked three very cool pieces:

1. The 2014 Moschino Couture Runway Major League Moschino boots. See them in Vogue! They came in the original box with bags, and they were $99, instead of $1,300 from the runway.

2. The Love Moschino Nautical t-shirt dress. I have always wanted one of these. A soda can patterned one was just at the Rent the Runway sale–used–for $360. Mine was $67, brand new.

3. A $6,100 Pamella Roland Couture jacket. I noticed that it didn’t come with the mink collar designed to overlay the black leather collar, so I negotiated an additional discount. See it on the 2013 Fall Runway Show in Vogue!

Afterwards, I hit Fairway, made dinner, and wore my new boots while watching the second 2016 Presidential Debate. I was inspired by the popular phrase, “Let’s play ball!,” so I laced them up and tuned in. #IMWithHer

Let me know what you think...

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