Year 4, Day 69: Georg made me happy

After 15 years, Georg and I have reconnected by chance in NYC. He was my MySpace love in my 20s, and as life played out, we went our own ways, only to find each other on the street in New York City, 3000 miles away from where we met all those years ago.

Tonight, I walked from SoHo, and we met at a beautiful wine bar in TriBeCa and caught up on life. He was the same handsome, generous, engaging, kind person I’ve always known. And I feel lucky to know him again, and let him know the new me.

Georg said something truly touching. It made me cry actually. Georg has started a wildly successful company as founder and CEO. He’s smart, accomplished, and real. He told me that all those years ago, when we’d drive around in my Jetta talking about the English classes I taught, that I’ve shaped who he is all these years later. He loves “Shannon” and has taken a piece of me with him on his journey and considers himself a teacher in his business endeavors.

I melted. Cried, like I said. Hugged, and made a promise to do this again. I’m very lucky to have Georg in my life. I have the biggest smile on my face. New York City has so much magic around it. I’m humbled, and in awe.

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