Year 4, Day 92: Basso 56 and Something Rotten with Carl and Bobbette

Carl Olson made a tremendous impact on my life. When I was a seventh grader, Mr. Olson picked me to star as Alice in the school play. To get the lead role over all the ninth graders was a huge accomplishment. The experience taught me confidence, discipline, and team work. It broke any fears I had about public performance and speaking. It was fun. And, I bonded with Kris! She memorized all of the Cheshire Cat’s lines, so that we could practice together when the lights were out and we were going to bed. I felt so proud and empowered coming out of the experience, and it set a course for years to come.

Tonight, I took Carl and Bobbette to Basso  56 for a beautiful Italian dinner, and then I took them to see Something Rotten. It was a truly special night. I love them very much. It meant a lot to me to spend time together in NYC, especially on Broadway. To close the night, we cabbed to my apartment, did a tour, and bought tickets to the Sunday Beautiful matinee. 

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