Year 4, Day 96: Theos for dinner

My date picked an amazing restaurant tonight, but it was in Trump Place on the Upper East Side. As we walked up to the entrance, I froze and got an incredibly sick feeling inside. I’m not one to hide my feelings, so my discomfort became the topic of the hour. I felt dirty and wrong sitting down and grabbing for the bread. Should I leave? Should I stay? My date was visibly sad by my lack of excitement. He didn’t know that Theos was renting space in a Trump property. Theos is truly fancy and special, but it happens to be in my worst enemy’s building. I awkwardly ate my bread, sipped tap water and wondered “WHAT DO I DO!?”

Then suddenly a calm came over me as I remembered something that Carl Olson told me last night… all of the businesses in and around Trump properties are struggling right now. Come to think of it, this beautiful restaurant was dead. I asked about the place and learned that the chef is the owner. He’s been trying to build this out for about a year. I found some compassion, sat back, and ordered. 

And I had a great night. The crab gnocchi, tuna steak, grilled calamari, octopus, brussels sprouts, wine, and martinis were delish!! It was generous and fun, and I walked out feeling happy. And very lucky. I was appreciated and cared for, and it felt great. 

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