Year 4, Day 131: A day of pussies

I headed down to New Jersey tonight to break bread with a friend who has made a very special impression on my life. It made me so happy to see Jennifer and the family! She is one of the few people who has known me since I was a high school teacher, and has kept in close touch. She trained me at the Clinique counter, when I worked at the mall to pull in extra income. She taught me how to flirt (Charlie!). She invited me to her wedding. She had Mike and me over for dinner. She was all in favor of the move and the split. 

And today, she drove two hours to visit with me over burgers at Keelen’s, and she brought pussy hats!! I proceeded to put together my mom’s cat perch and coddle her pussy, Jezzi. 

It was a really great day. 

Let me know what you think...

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