Year 4, Day 155: The Women’s March on Washington

My friends and I made history today. Washington DC and over 700 cities worldwide adorned pussy hats, witty signs, and walking shoes, and marched against Donald Trump. 

It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The sheer volume of people was outrageous, and I loved seeing all of causes represented: gender, LGBTQ, environment, animals, equal pay, immigration, reproduction, race, religion, Hillary, democracy. So many different issues under one sky, with the same common thread of Anti-Trump!

A big thanks to Jennifer for our pussy hats! Thank you, Mallory, for spending the day with me. Fiona and Emil, you’re amazing for housing and feeding us. And to the 3-4MM nasty women and men who marched all over the world for human rights, sending our president (#notmypresident) a clear message. 

Let me know what you think...

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