Year 4, Day 182: Rainy LA

Well there were big surprises in LA today… first, I hit their rain storm of the century. I cried as I watched the rainy beach view from my balcony at Hotel Erwin. 

I finally showered and put on a little jewelry and light makeup with my yoga suit for dinner at Barlo. There would be no going out tonight.

The coolest guy was at the bar at Barlo. I was ordering up, when I heard him say to the server, “Thrillist recommended it, so I’m heading out.” She said, “I love Thrillist! You have to go.” He’s like, “I love Thrillist too!” OK… wait. I had to speak up, “Hey… I work for Thrillist.” And we went from there. He lives walking distance from me in NYC, and we’re going out next week. Super fun!

Meanwhile, my influencer and I chatted today and have a meeting tomorrow. Things should dry out by Sunday, and I’m feeling the LA vibes.

Let me know what you think...

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